Quick Start Videos

Quick Start Videos

This video guide will take you through five quick steps to get your WordPress.com site up and running.

Welcome to WordPress.com!

The best way to get familiar with the features and options for your new site is to just dive in and start using it. These five quick steps will get you on your way. Let’s get started!

Publish a post

Publishing your first post on WordPress.com is a snap. Just head to your WordPress.com homepage, click New Post, write something, and click Publish Post:

Watch The video >>>CLICK HERE<<<

Congratulations! You’re a published author. Not sure what to write about? Try one of our prompts or challenges, or browse the WordPress.com topic pages for some inspiration.

Looking for a little more help? Here are some other great resources for drafting and publishing new blog posts:

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Find a theme

WordPress.com offers over 200 themes! To pick one, head over to the Theme Showcase and click Use this Theme for whichever theme you like:

Watch The video >>>CLICK HERE<<<

Hungry for more info about themes? Check out these resources:

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Customize your theme

Now that you have a theme, it’s time to dress it up. WordPress.com offers many ways to customize your theme:

Watch The video >>>CLICK HERE<<<

Want to tweak your theme even further? Check out these resources:

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Add widgets

Widgets are tools that let you add all kinds of awesome functionality to your site. To add some widgets, go to Appearance → Widgets in your dashboard, and drag any available widget into your widget area to see what it does:

Watch The video >>>CLICK HERE<<<

Ready to get even more out of your widgets? Check out these resources:

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Create a menu

Creating a menu is the easiest way to organize your pages for your readers. This is especially key if you would like a website-style layout. To set up a menu, head to Appearance → Menus in your dashboard:

Watch The video >>>CLICK HERE<<<

As cool as custom menus are, the above video just covers the basics. To learn about all the things you can do with custom menus, check out these resources:

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Next steps

Hopefully, this guide has given you a quick introduction to the various areas of WordPress.com. But this is just the beginning! Here are some other resources to help you become a WordPress.com power user:

  • Our new user’s guide, Learn WordPress.com, is a great introduction for new users.
  • Our Support site has step-by-step guides for all of our features.
  • The WordPress.com forums are an active community of staff, volunteers, and fellow users.
  • Our staff blogs, Hot Off the Press and The Daily Post, contain a wealth of tutorials, posting challenges, inspiration, and news.
  • Finally, friendly Happiness Engineers (WordPress.com support staff) are standing by to answer any additional questions you have! Contact us here.

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