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Build a Food Blog Worth Following

Originally posted on The Daily Post:

Food blogs remain incredibly popular for bloggers and readers; no wonder, as we all eat multiple times per day! Food is omnipresent and eating together is a powerful way to connect, which makes writing about food rich with possibility.

A great food blog is more than just a collection of recipes, though — these five guidelines will get yours off to a five-star start.

Define your schtick

There are hundreds of food and recipe search sites, not to mention print magazines and cookbooks. How do you get readers to pay attention to your chocolate cake recipe? Perspective! Blogs live and die on point of view, so find and highlight yours.

Strawberry and keffir lime panna cotta from Burp! Appetit. Strawberry and kaffir lime panna cotta from Burp! Appetit.

Maybe your perspective is part and parcel of your food. Bloggers like Chef in Disguise, who focuses on Middle Eastern recipes, orBurp! Appetitwho blogs to share the breath and depth of…

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