Let us help each other in five simple steps

Let us help each other in five simple steps

(Message for WordPress Bloggers and candidate Bloggers)

imagesLet us help each other
It works simple

just follow the following steps

  • Step 1) Subscribe to the newsletter of this Blog / or use the wordpress-follow button

  • Step 2) Insert under any new message you write the herblog button on

  • Step 3) When I see you follow me, I follow you

  • Step 4) as soon as I have a new message you receive, reblog I fits into a category that your message if there is no such category exists, I can create a new one, where your message by mistake

  • Step 5) Do you same

  • Step 6) This way I spread your messages are already more than three thousand Followers and you spread my messages with your Followers

  • Conclusion? Our Followers Running will grow dramatically.

  • Thanks and good luck

  • Theo Herbots

Ps. dit systeem werkt goed bij #Facebook #Twitter en andere #Social-Media, waarom zou het niet werken bij ons?

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